Can't log in with the uploader


Already logged in with my account on the page but in the uploader the log takes forever, it never logs in and the log button keeps spinning. I’ve seen some solutions like deleting the %appdata% adobe air/ESL folder and it didn’t worked. I also downloader and reinstaled the uploader several times doing the same with adobe air. I’ve run out of solutions and used the ones that showed up on similar topics. Can someone help me with this problem?


If the login button is just spinning forever, that is almost certainly a corrupted encrypted local store. Make sure you really did delete the ELS folder.

If you still can’t solve it, might just want to wait a couple of weeks, since the brand new Electron-based uploaders are nearly ready.


Ok thanks, guess I’ll wait because I checked multiple times that the folder was properly deleted, even restarted my pc after deleting the folder and checking again if the folder was still there before trying to log in again