Unable to login through the app

Since early May I have not been able to use it. That air update made it unfuctional on Macs.

This is second post about it.


Delete your

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/


Hi Kithra,
I got same problem.
and I can’t find
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/
this in my mac.
How could I do?

It took me a while to get it to work Heyona, but on your Mac close out of everything. The top bar on your desktop should have the Apple logo then “Finder” in the upper left. Followed by File, Edit, View, and Go

Click on Go, and at the bottom you’ll see “Go to Folder”, in the pop up window paste ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/

This will bring you to the correct folder to delete. I recommend updating Air before you do this since there was another update a few days ago.

That’s very helpful~~
Thanks a-lot !!!