WarcraftLogs Uploader not logging in

Hi There,

My WarcraftLogs Uploader appears to be broken - I’m stuck at the login Screen - I used to be able to login, but no longer!

As a Patron this is a bit annoying when it comes to trying to upload logs!

Uninstalled Air
Reinstalled Air
Uninstalled Warcraft Logs
Reinstalled Warcraft Logs
Deleted IE Browsing History and Cookies
Deleted Adobe Local Settings [hopefully]
Made a new account on Warcraft logs… in case my account was broken - same symptom.
Tried a different internet connection… via my Phone! Still broken…
Tried typing my password wrong… got wrong password error!
Tried typing a fake username/password - got wrong password error!

Help required please!

I’m having the same issue.

Delete your %AppData%\Adobe AIR\ELS directory.


That did the trick, thanks.

Amazing! Thank you! Worked like a charm!

how do I go about locating that file? windows says it does not exist