Can't find my character with the search feature

I have uploaded plenty of logs during Legion and a few after Uldir release. I can access these logs from my personal logs page and they show up just fine (as seen here

However, for some reason my character can’t be found by using search. When typed in, my name appears at the top of the search results list but it’s colored white instead of yellow. When clicked, one gets redirected to a splash page saying “No character could be found with that name for the region and server specified. It’s possible this character is not being tracked yet”.

My in-game name is Sheyenne-TwistingNether (EU). If it helps, I migrated from Darksorrow to Twisting Nether in March 2018. My old character page can be found just fine and my new page used to work too after the migration.

After reading the forums a bit it seems that the Korean players are facing similar issues but didn’t find anything related to EU servers. My page updates regularly so I doubt this is an issue with the Blizzard API.