Unable to Search my Character

I have been unable to use the search feature to look up my character (Rhos - Silvermoon US). Though if anyone post logs and I am in the group they show up with no problem. I have other characters and they come up fine.

Characters won’t be searchable until they have actual exported rankings. If the only reports you have were logged privately (or without Advanced Combat Logging), then you won’t be searchable.

Here you are - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/9058237/latest

It doesn’t do the autocomplete thing that drops down when searching by name but if you just search for “Rhos” then it’s in the big list of people with the same or similar names. CTRL-F and look for Silvermoon, there you are.

You show up just fine for me in the autocomplete.

Thanks for your help. It appears to be working since making this post :slight_smile: