Can't appear my character name, so I can't search my uldir record

I am playing at 아즈샤라 server and my character name is 상큼쏘야

A weeks ago, I changed my character name from 세류화 to 상큼쏘야.
Problem is… it didn’t appear my character name!!!
as soon as change my character name, I went to uldir ㅠ.ㅠ
of course, recording my healing log…

Other person has linked address. but I don’t have linked address. because my character doesn’t see it…

Today, I went to Uldir. Still not appear that. but my entire fight is recorded it by same party’s member

How can I fix it? Plz help.

p.s. Fortunately, at raider, appears my character name.
but, it doesn’t work update my character’s info.