Cannot take control of my guilds!


World of Warcraft

My situation is going to be unique, but it’s a problem nonetheless. I’ve been trying to take control of some of my guilds on Sargeras - US, but it’s giving me errors. I’ve tried the following guilds, and the same error occurs each time.

Currently Online Six - Sargeras
Currently Salty - Sargeras
Currently Online Eight - Sargeras
Currently Confused - Sargeras
Currently Capped - Sargeras

I already have control of my other 5 guilds, so I’m not quite sure what the issue is really. My characters are identified on Warcraftlogs.“This account is linked to in the US region.”

The error message is:
“You do not have a character that is Rank 0 or Rank 1 in this guild. Post on the forums here and let us know if you believe this is a mistake.”

Let me know what other information you require so we can get this fixed ASAP! Thanks!

This is still an issue, is there any way to manually fix this?


Everything should just be automatic if you have linked your character. Possible the character rosters are’t up to date. You can update them from the Characters tab of each guild on WCL.

I have updated the character lists a few times now, it pulls a few new characters in, but it doesn’t pull anything above rank 3 in the guild.

It would appear as though manually updating my characters from my linked account has fixed a few of the guilds, but Currently Online Six, and Currently Capped are still bugged.

Do the characters need to be level 100?

They do yes. It’s not practical for me to fill my database with irrelevant characters that will never be logged.

Alright, Thanks for the clarification, I’ll work on leveling :stuck_out_tongue: