I own a guild on Illidan (US) and can't take control of the guild on Warcraft Logs

I’m the owner of on Illidan (US) and I’m trying to set up a guild log and I can’t seem to take control of it on Warcraft Logs. Please help!

With Love <3

Guild name?

oh sorry! I must have accidentally deleted it! its called Ours Is The Fury

Did you link your Battle.net account, and do you have a character level 100 or higher in the guild?

Yes! I checked the armory, but the roster hasn’t updated on it yet. Perhaps thats the reason.

I’m in the same boat.

Guild is Prodigy on Dragonblight US. I am the GM.

Another one Here!
In Classic WOW

Guild LEMON WIPE in Loatheb (US)


Game: WoW Classic
Guild: Besser Allianzversichert
Server: Venoxis (EU)

Could you please delete the guild or transfer the ownership to me Xyana? I am the Guildleader. The person who created the Guild is not reachable :frowning:

Open a support ticket at support@warcraftlogs.com