Calculation of parses

I have a question running through my head, the calculation of the parses is done on all the logs, ok, but all the logs of the bosses killed or killed and wip included? In the case of a wip, the parse is calculated on all the wips recorded boss killed only (while the wips can be after 20s or 5mn… how is this taken into account? or not ^^ ) because I have the impression that the parses for killed bosses can be useful for information but if the raid wip after 1mn for example, the parse will be calculated on what basis, all the logs of killed bosses? in short, if you have information on the calculation of this information, I take it gladly because some people tend to rely on this value even for fights with death in the raid.

thank you.

The rankings estimate for wipes is based off of comparisons to a similar point in the encounter from other logs.