Guild Rankings Report Questions

Forgive me if this is documented anywhere, but I could use some help on how the Rankings report is generated. Let’s sue this report as an example:

My Questions

  1. I assume all parse numbers listed are flat parses and not iLvL weighted parses, correct?
  2. What is the difference between “Rankings” and “Parses?”
  3. What is the difference between “Today” and “Historical?”
  4. What is the difference between Progress/Speed/Execution?
  5. What is the difference between “Overall” and “Bracket?”
  6. No matter how I drill into the data for a player on any given boss, I almost never see the individual fight logs display the same parse numbers as on the master Ranking chart. Who is that?


From the report above, I have the default settings loaded:

We see Weebles has a best parse of 85 for Vaelastrasz:

If I click on Weebles name, I am taken the details for Weebles which also indicates a best parse of 85:

If I click on the Vael link for Weebles, I see all of his Vael fights and the best parse listed is 85 in the “Historical” column out of 84,306 parses and a 73 in the “Today’s” column out of 274,967 parses.

I assume “Historical” means that that was his parse percentile at the time that :fight was recorded?

If, however, I click on the Feb 25 fight where he scored an 85 historical / 73 today’s, I get neither of those numbers (nor do I get a matching # of parses) in either column:

The flat parse is a 68 out of 233,166 parses. The iLvL parse is a 69 out of 56,993 parses.

So, I think what is happening is that all of the reports I show above, except for the last one, are showing a parse that is not based on iLvL and is based on a snapshot taken at the time the parse was recorded. But when you get on the fight details, it is using a different set of parses to come up with a parse percentile. (All public parses available in the last two weeks.)

If so, I recommend that you add a switch on the fight detail report (the last one) that toggles between showing your percentile based on the last two weeks of parses and showing your percentile based on the same set of historical parses that the other reports I list above uses. Then, when clicking into the fight detail report from the path I took, you could have a URL argument to set the parse to historical so users see consistent #s all the way through. When click into the fight details report from other places, you can leave that argument off so it shows the last two weeks data set, instead.

It boils down to how users use the “Rankings” report and how they drill into it. It doesn’t much help having the numbers change on the last report because it confuses many users.

Also, in that context, you want to know how the users did compared to everyone at that point in time, not compared to now. Looking at a 2-month-old report and having it show much lower numbers due to the fact that everyone has improved their DPS in the intervening two months is not very useful when trying to look at your consistent performers in your guild.

That’s why having a toggle that shows which data set you are using and is dynamically set based on which link your clicked to get to the report would be great! This all assumes you have your data shaped in a way that this could easily be done, of course.

Please let me know your thoughts as well as the answers to my questions above!

Thanks for a great tool!

There are 8 possible numbers that can be shown on WCL based off three different variables:

(1) Today vs Historical - Today is current standings, historical is estimating your position around the time the parse occurred.
(2) Rankings vs Parses - Rankings are everyone’s best scores across the entire tier. The term Parses is used to mean comparing against all parses in the last 2 weeks. The latter is more indicative of “typical” performance.
(3) Overall vs By Ilvl (Bracket) - Compare against everyone vs compare against only people within an ilvl range around you.

Depending on where you are on the site, you may see numbers expressed in different ways.

I agree that what’s shown on the Damage Done pane of a report is inconsistent; I get tons of support tickets about it, and I tried just removing those numbers and people threw a fit and begged me to put them back.

It’s not easy to show historical rankings in that section, since the report UI can show wipes or multiple pulls where no rankings may exist, so I’m still mulling over options.