Logs or im horrible

my questions about this horrible way of seeing if someone does good in a raid… first is why and how do i parse grey on my dps everytime when i have to battle rez someone or curse or worry about someone else’s mana it really messes up my whole fight for the parsing system I feel like why does that never get added in someones parse though, and how do i figure out what im doing wrong if I am doing grey parses something is way off i feel. i play and main a boomkin or support class and im always the one worrying bout the death of another so i pop out and heal sometimes to get us all that kill any info would help :slight_smile:

When you are asked to do something by your raid leader and if you don’t, you could all die, ie, Noth the Plaguebringer, 25 man WOTLK, then you do it, regardless of parsing. Play the game you want to play and forget the logs. I play holy pally, my parses go up if I dps while healing, makes no sense, but I can’t do that every time. As a co gm of a guild, I do look at logs but I also look at dps. The dps to me is what counts. If an ilevel of 208 only pulls 2500 dps on a fight where the same class is doubling that, then that is not good. If you want to “cheat” the system, don’t decurse, don’t rez and don’t off heal. But your raid could wipe. what is more important?
I also do not take people who mention parsing or brag about it. It means they are playing to parse for themselves only and you understand the ramifications of that.


your absolutely right its. the whole reason i even leave guilds is what it comes down to ive left atleast 2-3 guilds cause of how they was brainwashing there members to go by a BIS list i see that as a decent guide to see what you kinda need for a gear reserve or something. but as i told them i know how i play and my build and what stats im looking for to perform better in raids and thats how i make my bis list or judge if i need or dont need it. the BIS list your looking at only goes well if you have every piece of gear that has listed as your BIS cant switch nothing around cause it wouldnt be right comparing to that. then started the questions of there members but soon to find out they was parsing people and lived it the only reason why they was parsing so good was because the boomkin or druid was saving there debuffed raid member from dieng or easing the dmg of the tanks during pressured times in fights and so i sacrifice my dps alot compared to everyone else and i just really feel like nothing in logs ever says that right at the start. when you pull up any toon or completion for the raid bosses first pulls up. i think it should definetly say something for the support roles who saves the raid with decurses or cleanses or clutch heals with 5 or 10 percent hp or lower saved a raider. who took the time to brez or MD the loose adds to the tank and saved the raid from getting all threat. oh and i wish everyone else would look at logs like you do. when i see my logs im like ehh ill pass on this guy cause i have no clue how to look at them really. i dread coming onto warcraft logs and looking randomly at my parses for the phase. just wishing retail minded people or players would get off this kind of thought process really and just enjoy the game and dare to try something different for the sake of the raid or the game. to answer your question I will always get that loot with my raid members alive and participating in that kill makes it more worth while imo. Thanks for your comment though really still doesn’t make me feel better about my parses but i can work on that I suppose. sorry for all my grammar errors. also what really messes my damage up for the encounters is being raid aware of the healers and their mana life is hard out here pug raiders but I almost would always rather pug raids then be in a guild and experience the game. really messes my damage up for the fights to or causes me to die sometimes.

It’s not the retail minded people, it is the private server people. They are the ones that do that mostly. They have changed the entire game on how it is played and what is considered “good”.

play as support in raid, due to low hps was kicked from last boss, but rly try my best, so sad(