Change of RMT log evaluation

I would like to make some suggestions about how to change the current evaluation of RMT logs from a less strat depending parse situation to a more skill dependent parse situation.

The current situation is basically that the strat a raid uses is way more important for “a high parse” than the skill of a player executing his rotation, adapting to fight, raid managing debuff/buff uptimes etc.

The result is that many RMT fights can be “cheesed” and result in high parses which are not necessarily the parses should be top IMO.
Therefore I will create a list here of the fights which in my opinion only the boss dmg should be counted, because e.g. the add dmg can be used to create artificial high parses.

Swabbie Ski’Li (count only boss dmg), because raids that have enough DPS just burn him down which will always results in lower parses than guilds that have less DPS and have to kill the adds.

Robomination only boss + scanning eye count for the parse - because with enough DPS you can push the boss in the midphases before arms spawn, which always results in lower parses than raids that play the arms due to lower raid DPS or artificially playing them.

If the thread is well received by the community I will continue the list in detail.

Would really appreciate some response from the owner of WildStar Logs.

I can’t really give you an informed response, since I don’t play WildStar any longer, and so I know absolutely nothing about the fights.

Exclude “Odiferous Remnant” on Bilgebreath

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yea. this fight is a good example of how you can create artificially high parses.

Clear +1 for removing Bilgebreath add damage from logs: because you’re not supposed to kill them (the whole fight is designed to kite those adds and not hit them)

For swabbie and robo, it’s more subtle since those adds are part of the fight and supposed to be killed, even though you can definitely influence how many of them you get in a fight depending on your dps/your strategy. Though I guess it would be a good thing to remove damage done to adds from logs too.

I wouldn’t remove them on robo either since you actually have to kill them. Altough with enough dps you only get arms in midphases and the very last phase.

On Swabbie you can skip adds entirely like most guilds do at the moment and the issue is when you send 1 guy to the adds so he can parse and get a good rank.

and that’s the problem. skipping the arms results always in a lower parse.

skipping adds on swabbie by burning down the boss always results in a lower parse.

Should we be asking to remove tethers from bosses too then? Swabbie? Lockjaw? Skooty?

I think you’re trying to go a bit too far here. Removing useless adds from minibosses is one thing; removing essential fight mechanics from boss fights is a whole different story.

You want to remove adds from Swabbie and arms from Robomination - so what about progressing guilds? Not that we have many of them, but are they all supposed to just be able to look at boss damage because you need your rankings?

I didn’t realize it completely removes the logs from the fights.

If you want to keep logging experience on a legitimate level for progressing guilds; which could very well be Cupcakes and Bloodpact and many others when Prime RMT hits, all events and damage should be kept on logs. This is why we have logs - so we can see as much detail as possible about a fight.

Nothing should be removed completely from the log just because someone is salty that they can’t inflate their parse like someone else did. Don’t create a double standards here - Swabbie burn strat can’t compete with guilds doing adds (AS THE FIGHT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE), but there are no mentions of this.

If we start removing things from fights, this will all just become one big shitshow, and it will lead to nothing good for progression guilds.

Now, if there is a way to remove certain adds from rankings, while keeping them in the log - then that could be good. But don’t completely remove events from the logs.

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why are adds on shredder essential? wouldn’t that mean you can’t kill the boss without killing or atleast dpsing the adds? you don’t have to. if it would be possible track the arms that you can’t skip would be the best solution I guess.
but since I don’t know what’s possible, I suggested the easiest solution which is fair for everyone.

sure remove the tethers from the logs. why not.

what should be up with progressing guilds? at what else should they look? who can cleave arms the most? who can cleave adds the most? I don’t set see that’s the point. you also don’t balance games around beginners, you balance it out for endgame players.

I don’t “need my parses” I actually care less and less about them since RMT is a really bad place to compare logs to see who plays a fighter “better”, but as long as I keep playing this game I try to improve it and atm the dps numbers of many RMT logs are just meaningless, because you can influence them artificially too much.

you seem to understand me wrong rains.

I don’t what to remove information from the logs, just from the rankings.
of course I want everyone to get as much information from the logs as possible.

I didn’t mention that fight yet and you would know that if you read my starting post properly that I only suggest couple of fights to give the community an idea about what I am suggesting and if like I wrote it is well accepted I would make a suggestion for all fights that should be changed INCLUDING SKOOTY.