Bug on dammage value from this report

Hello again :slight_smile:

Today i compare myself with another hunter on a same fight and i zoom about a specefic moment when he cast 3 aimed shoot.


But it’s very strange, we see that max dammage cumulated by his 3 aimed shoot is 16.05m
But on the graphic, right scale reach 40 M and each aimed shoot is describe as more than 40 M.

Sorry for that :s, more work to do

This is not a bug. Math lesson time.

When showing a DPS graph like this, you have to choose a sliding window of total damage to accumulate over a certain amount of time in order to pick a DPS value. As you zoom in, this resolution sharpens, meaning that the sliding window becomes smaller. This means the arbitrary “DPS numbers” that are plotted will get larger the more you zoom in on a single damage event.

TLDR: The numbers on a DPS graph are mostly irrelevant… you should just look at the curve of the graph to see where damage spikes were, etc.

Ho my bad , i Understand ><

Sorry for that, thanks for your response :wink: