Adobe AIR... for an uploader?

I find it mind blowing that such an incredible website, built with a lot of very beautiful JS/HTML/CSS decides to use cheap bloatware to make an uploader…
What’s wrong with a simple HTML FileUpload object? Seems very counter intuitive, especially since a user is already logged in to the website? Using AIR also kills Linux support.

Hopefully can get some information on this, thanks.

HTML file uploading doesn’t work. Live logging involves listening for changes to a file and only sending up the new stuff. The uploader also creates a new format that is less than 1% of the size of the original file, which is critical for making the uploading fast and conserving bandwidth.

Adobe AIR obviously would not be my first choice for a client now, but back in 2013 when the site was first being created, there weren’t very many good alternatives. It was basically Qt, Silverlight, Java or AIR, and AIR was the best of those for doing the interface in HTML/JS/CSS. At the time (2013) it supported Linux still also.

Someday I hope to rewrite the client uploader in Electron.

Sorry for the necro, but I had a bit of an interest in this.

I don’t suppose you’re consider an open-source approach to clients, are you?

Open format, open upload API, maybe even open client?

I figure that with Adobe Air being all but impossible to install from Adobe directly (I spent about an hour finding an installer the last time, in April), new users are having an increasingly harder time getting up and running with the current client.

I don’t mean to sound like a doomsayer, but it seems to me that the need for a new client is approaching very quickly.

Or you could just not ad block Adobe’s site, which is what causes the bug that makes them redirect to the wrong page.

Anyway, yes I’d like to rewrite the uploader in something else eventually, but it’s a major major project to do so. I am reluctant to open source the uploader, as I have to worry about people trying to hack logs, and in some cases there are client secrets and line signing involved (e.g., FFLogs).

I was unaware of the AdBlock issue, never showed up in my searches. Thank you!

I can understand your reluctance, definitely. Figured I’d poke and ask regardless.