Uploading a Log doesn't work

So i have a problem for some time now. When i try to upload a log it disconnects me immediatley.
Error: Connection to server lost. Quit the app and log in again. Is the Errormessage that i get. It scanns the logfile just fine but refuses to upload.
Sometimes it loads abit, but the Result is the same. Be it live log or normal log. Tried it with and without Firewall/AV, tried reinstalling Air and the loader.Tried running it with adminmode. And the File shouldnt’t be to big (377megs).
Weird thing is, it worked before but suddenly it stopped.

Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Need to allow Windows Networking (which Adobe AIR uses) to set cookies.

Thank you for your answer! That worked in the end. I just needed to change the security settings in the Internet Explorer, if left on high it blocks the connection. Was stuck there becuase i did’t know that Adobe Air and IE shared the settings.