Previous 2 weeks of Logs not showing up on rank


Our guild uploads logs, for some reason my rankings are not updating since our nov 5 posting despite the last 2 weeks of logs being calculated

My character Mdx #12 is ranking based on the Nov 5 run, not the 11/19 as it should

Is there a reason why my character isnt ranking but others in the raid are? I would really like to see my better numbers on the rank list

Another example,

My score is counting for the last 2 weeks of logs

But my numbers and stats are not on any of the rankings as they should based on our 11/19 run

Can you link a report where you should have ranked but didn’t? Thanks.

I see ranks for you in that report.

I see the ranking and stats of the run log but why are the better numbers not updating on the Leaderboard?

On the leaderboard above it shows my dps at 250 which was from our nov 5 log. Shouldn’t the leaderboard update to show my 340ish dps from 11/19?

still showing nov5 run on leaderboard

You have “Damage to Bosses” selected, which is damage done only to boss mobs. You want “Damage Done”, which will also include the boss fight adds.