Wrong progress result for CN-维克尼拉斯 server

Hi there,

Here is the situation:

My server ‘CN-维克尼拉斯’ opened the AQ40 gate at 11:05 a.m. 11th of August(Beijing time).

Our guild '灵魂链接’ killed C’thun at 2:57 p.m. 11th of August,as the first down of the server.

However the progress result shows that other 1 guild have already uploaded their combat log at 8th/9th/11th of August. By that time Dungeon of AQ was not even opened in CN-维克尼拉斯.

It’s really frustrating when you got FD of the server at 2p.m. with a wrong record.

I guess its because some of transfer players uploaded their logs to our server. Please remove their logs or just make things correct.

Link of progress result as below:


Players from Chinese guild 灵魂链接