Logs added two hours to the time and wrong ranking


Last Tuesday AQ40 openned in our server, Mandokir (Spanish), and we make the first kill of C’thun. Problem comes when I uploaded logs. My logs have two hours added to the time. I mean, we killed C’thun at 20.51 and in my log appears that we killed C’thun at 22.51. I have the correct local time in my Windows, correct local and region time in WoW and I can’t fix this error.

But, because of this, we (guild WE ARE INEVITABLE) appear as 6th in region progress ranking (https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/1005#metric=progress&boss=-1&region=7&subregion=20) but if you check boss per boss, we appears first unless Huhuran (https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/1005#metric=progress&boss=0&region=7&subregion=20). We didn’t skipe any trash mob, we did normal as appear in Speedruns logs.

After we saw our bugged logs, I deleted my log and we uploaded another two, one of them private and the other public, with the correct time, but ranking isn’t updated yet. We also have VOD from one of our streamers showing the correct time.

Can you fix this ranking problem? Also, is there any idea why my logs are being recorded with incorrect hours?

We send 4 mails about this topic and we still have no response.