[Warcraftlogs Classic Bug] Kel’Thuzad Encounters Misclassified As Trash Fights

On Monday, January 25th, our guild enganged Kel’Thuzad 8 times. In all of our encounters but one, we reached phase 2 successfully (where Kel’Thuzad is first engaged).

However, all but three of these encounters were classified as “trash fights” by warcraft logs.

Furthermore, warcraftlogs skips phase 1 of the encounter for some reason.

Here is a link to our logs:

If possible I’d like to see phase 1 included as part of the encounter; at a minimum though, I’d like to see each encounter where Kel’Thuzad is engaged count as an encounter in warcraft logs and not as a trash fight.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Can you let us know if the behavior described above is intended (i.e., that Kel’Thuzad himself is engaged in phase 2 yet the fight ends up categorized as “trash”)?


Each P2 should be a real encounter. It’s a bug that some of them are not. P1 is trash.

Thanks Kihra! Any estimate on when this might be fixed?