Kel'Thuzad's logs do not include phase 1 while some do

Logs from Kel’Thuzad are not unified. Some KT kills have kill timer of 10 minutes while some as low as 3. That is because of phase 1 (not) being counted. Therefore this creates misleading parses and wrong standings.

This has been a problem with Rajaxx in AQ20 as well: some guilds had like 40s kills (with an extra “wipe” encounter for first phases), while others 9 minutes.

This has to be somehow rectified otherwise kill times on KT would be more or less useless and incomparable.

It was rectified 10+ days ago, so no need to necro this post.

It appears to still be an issue, we killed Kel’thuzad for the first time last night and our log is showing P1. While the other 5 kills our on realm are not. Is there anyway to fix our log? It is resulting in extremely low parses for our group because of it including Phase 1.

Can you link it?

Thanks will debug it. There is probably something unusual about the first event involving Kel that is confusing things.


Perhaps related to any changes that you could’ve done to rectify this issue, there’s a now a bunch of chinese guild reports from last week that start with KT at like 5-20% hp and are therefore top on speed — Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft (with parses that should be invalidated, of course).