Would it be possible to make a gw2logs?

First of all, greetings sapient beings.

I’ve been raiding in Wildstar for 3 years or so and I’ve enjoyed using Wildstarlogs for this. It’s compact, easy to read and has all the information one would want.

Now since guilds have broken down over and over again I switched to Guild Wars 2 going full berserk on achievement hunting and I also found a raid guild to enjoy my time. At the same time everyone who’s interested in getting some progress got a damage meter by now most use arcdps. Anyways there are several websites that give you the ability to view your logs and analyze your combat info such as, padl, raidheroes, gw2raidar and maybe even more. However non come near to the readability of wildstarlogs.

Now my question is… is it possible that there’ll be a gw2logs at some day?
I know Wildstar uses the respective add-on and programming third party software for Guild Wars 2 actually requires to do memory reading of combat data… and probably some people who play Guild Wars 2 as well.

As I already mentioned a lot of people already use arcdps for logging but that would require looking into the .evtc files and support them on a future gw2logs. An alternative.

So… I know the circumstances for a gw2logs are rather delicate, yet I would love to know if somethind would be possible at some point in the future.

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t think you could get enough information from GW2. Is there some log file format now to use? Does it include player and enemy positions for combat replay?

I’ve seen websites provide data on dps, buff uptimes, certain failed mechanics, damage taken, death time, down time, etc…
There’s a log file format used by arcdps that is binary I think more can be read on arcdps website.

About the actual information inside the logs according to the developer he uses the following code to create the logs:
cpp file. I assume the logs are saved in binary files.

There’s also an API on the website.

I have yet to read more into it unfortunately my time is rather limited working on several other things at the same time.

Does it not have healing?

I don’t have a heal char raid ready so I asked around and checked.

Apparently arcdps reads messages from the server and on the arcdps page under the headline of “limitations” it says:

area healing and absolute buff damage are presently impossible - not notified by server.

Same with combo-fields:

area combo field finishers are presently impossible - not notified by server.

EDIT: Thus it seems arcdps does not log healing.