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Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good day.

First of all, I would like to thank you Kihra for creating WLogs. It’s one hell of a site done in a very professional way and it’s actually a big reason why I enjoy raiding so much. Getting those high numbers on an encounter is sth that always kept me motivated so tyvm mate. :wink:

This is my first post here even though I have been using WarcraftLogs with a passion for years.
I’ll try not to make this a novel despite it being very important to me as well as many other people. I will however do my best to explain whatever I feel requires explanation. Basically, I’ve been playing WoW for a really long time and raiding was the main thing that kept me around but I decided to quit in Legion since there have been many changes to my class as well as difficulty of raids themselves. I don’t feel challenged by the bosses as I used to and I don’t want to spend tones of hours raiding which I don’t find enjoyable anymore.

What I did was start playing WoD once again since that was the last point where raiding felt great in my opinion. I’m playing on this server that hosts multiple expansions such as Wotlk, Cata, MoP, WoD and Legion. Every expansion is constantly worked on since it’s not fully finished but the majority of things work quite well.

Now here is the thing. People here love raiding, especially on MoP & WoD realm. There are guilds who truly take it to a hardcore level just like guilds you can find on retail game. We have been talking about this “wish” of ours for many weeks and I’ve been thinking of ways to make it happen for days. And the wish is this: We would love if you could provide us with ‘‘Best’’ and ‘‘Median’’ performance averages.

Right now, when a tier ends, the rankings are closed (which is perfectly logical) so let me be absolutely clear: We don’t want our kills or performance to be ranked. It’s obvious how unfair that would be to players who got their ranks on retail when some raid was current content. All we want is the information regarding how good or bad we performed on a boss. We wan’t this: http://imgur.com/96mIQml. The statistic of our performance without it being ranked.

I assume there is a way to make it happed and now I would just like to suggest some idea, and if you think they’re somewhat good you can use them. First of all, since many people are playing on a private servers, if they want to search for their character in WLogs they won’t be able to find anything because there will be no realm known to the WLogs search engine. Note: just so we’re on the same page, I am in no way, shape or form a web developer like you Kihra so I don’t know if the ideas I am about to present could be achieved development-wise. But here is how the search thing could be resolved:

-as soon as a raid encounter is uploaded, the search engine could “memorize” only the character names of the raid members without them being tied to any realm. That way when I for example try to find my character performance via search box, sth like this could show up:"Character - Khazark on ??? (??)"
So, basically, the engine could ignore realm and just memorize the character name.

There is probably an even better way to do it but this is what we were able to come up with. This way, by ignoring realm and without being tied to the armory, WLogs could ignore Ilvl also when it comes to players playing on private server. Let me remind you, we don’t care about anything really, except those Avg. Perf. numbers. The players who play on retail the normal way, will ofc keep all info they are able to see now, and players who are doing older raids could see their performance just like those retail raiders could when the content was current, only now, we won’t be getting ranks.

Now, to the last part. This is in regard to those average performance numbers. What I noticed is that those numbers basically come from statistics such as this: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/8#boss=1783&timespan=1000
So if I’m not missing something, all the numbers are calculated when the dps of a player is compared with the statistics. So I’m guessing that if you set the engine to calculate avg. perf. numbers and look at statistics last recorded in that tier for each boss, the numbers could show up with no problem.
We also had this idea that if you set upload mode to ‘‘private’’ instead of ‘‘public’’ the fights would automatically be illegible for rankings anyway and you could only focus on making performance numbers show up, but that way of doing things would also cause us to be unable to see our Median/Best perf. Avg. Numbers when we search for our characters so I don’t know if that’s the proper way of doing things. Since you are an expert in this Kihra, I’m positive you already have a better way of doing it:)

That is pretty much all, so to sum up, there are literally thousands of players spread all over different private servers who would like to be able to see their performance and then improve. (I am ofcourse talking only about MoP and WoD players because the site goes back to ToT and nothing below that raid is available). And just to repeat, we are not looking for ranks, we only want to see our performance in Median/Best performance avg. form. If you have the ability to freeze ranks for older tiers but still let the performance numbers be calculated, that would be insane and all of us would be very, very grateful.

I think I can accommodate this architecturally. I need to do this to let people have private logs show up on their character pages also.

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Any update on this? Possible to make it work for private servers?


Damn… I lost faith this will get any sort of a reply. Glad I was wrong.

Just as beam asked, is there any sort of update regarding this? Are you gonna make the dream a reality Kihra? :slight_smile:

Eventually. The first step is adding the idea of “rankings” that aren’t real. I need to do this for private logs as well so that people can view those, and this is a similar problem.

Personally I think this could be a very bad idea (for this web-site) as you’re likely to incur the wrath of the Blizz legal department. I get that some people just want to play the game at a particular stage in its evolution or simply for free however, that comes with some disadvantages and I believe this is one of them,

Basically, I would hate for the actual Wow population to lose this terrific tool due to supporting some illegal (in Blizz’s eyes) servers.


For one, some people can’t afford to pay a subscription and as you said, others want to enjoy the game at a particular stage of its evolution.

Moving on to “illegal activities”. Believe it or not, I happen to be 4 years into law school and I can’t see in my right mind how doing this could open W-Logs to potential law suits or leave it with legal exposure.

Lastly… doing this wouldn’t make retail players quit per se. Blizz drove away half of it’s playerbase on their own. In addition, you gotta remember that W-Logs would only work for players that play private servers which support MoP & WoD and most of private server playersbase is playing expansions like WotLK on servers like Warmane

As I said, it just comes across as very selfish to me how you don’t want these MoP/WoD players to enjoy the game and basically “punish” them for not playing retail. And thanks to Kihra, I’m sure this soon ISN’T going to be one of the disatvantages of playing on a private server.

who is selfish now?

why should only MoP and WoD be the only ones to get it? if it ever came?