Double-Saved/Bad Logs

Bad logs still up, bumping

Out of curiosity, what’s the easiest way for you to find these double-saved logs?

Yes, can confirm, the logs look double-saved (bosses have 2 HP bars).

Also, Culex - Kihra would prefer if more than just one person confirms that logs are bugged (due to an earlier issue with legit logs getting reported - knocking people off the rankings). When you report logs - can you please write out a line as to why they are bugged?

I mean I didn’t do anything special to find them, I just happened to notice they all follow the same pattern of visually having the overall raid dps graph line abruptly stopping and vertically going downward, then vertically rising sometime after. The players’ abnormal dps values sometimes give a hint as well.

I understand what you’re saying about a 2nd opinion. With the reasoning above I figured it didn’t need a line of explanation, but also the boss having 2 health bars is another way to determine they’re bad. Good catch.