WOTLK Classic - Log Failed to Upload

I have been logging every raid for my guild since classic launch and tonight was the first time I had any real issues. I usually start the log and I am good until the night ends. but tonight we started with Archavon and then when we transitioned to Nax it failed to load the first wing before I noticed the issue and the log companion on the bottom of the screen said “Failed to upload” in red. I then had to restart the log in order to get it to work again. This happened two more times.

Is there a known issue with uploading during live logging?
Should I expect this issue to repeat?
Is there something I am doing wrong?
Is there anyway I can prevent it?

*Note - I was able to manually load the lost encounters later from my stored log files, so the data was there just wasn’t uploaded.

Hi there,

No - it’s not a common issue, we just had a bug yesterday that caused this. It should be fixed and working now.