Logs not uploading properly

While i’m live logging it will log for a little bit then every so often it will just say failed to upload log and stop logging altogether and when i try to re upload the log it uploads nothing, I have also deleted the log uploader and re downloaded it

Failed to upload just means you’re losing connectivity to the site.

How do i fix that because i’m not dcing from wow/internet sometimes it will sti on like a 40% load till i close it and re open it and if i try reupload after the failed thing and it does upload properly the fight is gone it will also just sit at 100% uploading

That’s just poor connectivity. Maybe try using a tunneling service or vpn. I assume you’re not trying to upload some ridiculously huge log file that you’re never deleting or archiving.

Nah i’m just live logging and normally after every night the raid “around 3 hours” i delete the combat log before closing it down