Work around for file that wont upload?

We ran our first raid last night I went to upload the file and it said the advanced auto logging was not on in game. I put it on but now I cant upload the file anyway. Anything I can do to the file so I can upload it . I still have it and we would love to review it.

Split the log file and upload the split. Split Log option is available on the home screen of the uploader.

Seems to not work I get this message

Error: Line 1 - This log was created without Advanced Combat Logging enabled, and is not supported on Warcraft Logs. You can enable Advanced Combat Logging from the Network pane of System preferences in-game. Delete your log file before enabling Advanced Logging, or this uploader will continue to refuse the file.-12/9 19:48:01.780 COMBAT_LOG_VERSION,17,ADVANCED_LOG_ENABLED,0,BUILD_VERSION,9.0.2,PROJECT_ID,1

Yeah that line says that advanced combat logging is not enabled, so you’ve left some non-enabled stuff in there.

You can just bring up the file in an editor and cut everything out for that COMBAT_LOG_VERSION (up to the next COMBAT_LOG_VERSION).