Trouble with advanced combat logging


Hey there!
So i have a problem atm where my logs uploader is constantly telling me that my logs are made without advanced combat logging enabled. This happens even when i have it enabled in wow. I use ask mr. robot to log. What i think happened is that i did not have this enabled the very first time i logged, and now either my wow setting won’t update, or my logs uploader is bugged. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the log uploader, and also turning off the advanced logging option in wow, relogging, then turning it back on.

What i’m wondering is if there is someone with any tips or tricks regarding what i can try to delete or reinstall in order to “reset” to a clean slate where i can do it right from the start.


Sounds like you’re trying to re-upload old raids done before you turned the setting on. The combat log file just grows and grows unless you delete it, so just delete it or rename it and then you’ll be fine.