Why are All Star Point rankings by class and not spec?

Ranking All Star Points by class instead of by spec puts classes with multiple DPS specs at a disadvantage. This greatly skews the value of All Star Points and diminishes the value of any kind of ranking.

Yeah, inclined to agree at this point. In WoD, you could easily change specs, and so there was really no excuse for not playing the best spec on a fight. That’s how the concept of combined scores originated. In Legion, it’s very hard to switch specs and be competitive, and so it no longer feels very fair to use combined scores.

I noticed today that All Star rankings are now determined by spec, not class. Is this intended per this post? I switch between two dps specs depending on encounter (aoe vs single/cleave), and now it appears that my performance is ostensibly low.

This is intended yes. Only a very small number of players can actually switch between two specs because of the AP grind requirements and legendaries.

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This kinda screws over us people who switch between specs because we want to min/max. Any plans on reverting this change or finding a middleground? I don’t really want to play suboptimal specs for certain bosses :cry: