Healing and Rankings

Mostly a question of interest directed at Kihra.
I absolutely love all the healing metrics that have been added so far. Been using WarcraftLogs since MoP and wanted to thank you for the hard work. :slight_smile:

Because the current state of wow, gear and item levels, dps and hps scaling is going crazy imo. Pushing 350k-400k hps in EN Mythic and not pushing 1mill hps in NH Mythic is crazy scaling for any single tier in an expansion. That being said one of the things that happens to healing logs is that they get scewed in my opinion as the guild drops healers and bring more dps. Are there any plans for adding a way to filter rankings (for healing only) by number of healers brought so that less progressed guilds have some more accurate metrics to analyze their raiders performance. Coming from a guild where our raid lead makes us 4 heal everything from Skorpyron to Gulโ€™Dan it would be awesome to see where I rank for all the other guild 4 healing fights, vs comparing my logs to groups who 2 and 3 heal fights.

If this is something that you think would be good and have questions about the idea, let me know!

Thanks again for all your hard work!

You already can filter by # of healers. On the main rankings pages, click the magnifying glass upper right for a bunch of filtering options.

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know, didnt even see that magnifying glass until you said something. :joy: