Weighted Damage in Emerald Nightmare

When attempting to create or apply stat weights to specific mobs within fights of emerald nightmare I am unable to apply a custom Weight(through an expression) and the box that usually comes up to apply the weights is not showing up. As you can see in this image, https://i.imgur.com/Cb71Ovp.png, I have weighted damage marked but I am unable to apply damage weights to the mobs on Il’gynoth. Is this a bug or has this not yet been implemented in Emerald Nightmare?

Not yet implemented.

Thank you, appreciate the quick response! Do you have a timeline on when it will be?

Waiting to understand the Mythic versions of the fights a bit better before I attempt to set default weights.

Would love to get feedback from folks regarding how they feel adds should be weighted. Basically is an add a high priority burn, normal priority, low priority, tc.

My 2cents contribution

Nythendra MM: Mind controled players should be burned, Nythendra is normal priority

Cenarius NM&HM: Wisp should be burned, sisters should be burned drakes should be burned when bellow 50%, else normal priority, ancient should have normal priority and Cenarius himself is low prority compared to the adds

Xavius NM&HM: big adds in P1 should be burned, same for adds in P2, Mind controled players should be burned. For tentacles in P3, I believe it should have the same weight as Xavius, since depending on the strat / %age left on boss, you’ll want to focus or ignore them…