Wasted Holy Power Bug

Hi WarcraftLogs Team,

First off, y’all are awesome. I hugely appreciate all the work you do. Your website is amazing.

A couple weeks ago I noticed that I hadn’t seen a paladin waste holy power in several of the logs I’d looked at (I main a ret pally and sometimes look at ret pally logs for my guild’s raid team). At first I just thought I’d been looking at some really quality players, but then it seemed uncanny… ALL of the paladin logs I looked at showed nobody wasting any holy power!

So I went digging a little bit, and here’s an example of a log where, clearly, this paladin cast holy power generators after being capped at 5 but it doesn’t show up as being “wasted”


Here’s another example:


You can see he gets up to 8 holy power around the 2:20 mark. And if you look at his cast timeline and scroll forward to the 129 second mark - (I’d like it but am limited to 2 links per post) - you can see he casts exorcism, crusader strike, judgment, hammer, judgment, crusader strike, and hammer before casting a templar’s verdict. So that’s 7 HoPo generators before a spender. I guess some of those could have missed, but matched up with the holy power wasted graph and I think it’s pretty clear he kept successfully hitting generators above 5 ho po and yet nothing is showing up as being wasted.

So, just wanted to flag this for you, though maybe you’ve already heard of this problem.


Here’s another example - really they’re everywhere I just wanted to bump this - from today:


As you can see, several paladins exceeded 5 holy power at various points in the fight, yet further below all are shown as wasting 0 holy power.

This code is outdated and still using the MoP model. It doesn’t work really. It has to be done by hand, since Blizzard doesn’t report the resource properly, and I never updated it.

In Legion, I’ve just removed all “by hand” stuff and don’t ever enforce caps of my own. If Blizzard doesn’t fix their logs, then waste reporting will just be dropped as a feature.

Thanks for the reply!

And dang, that’s a bummer to hear. It’s a really valuable feature for evaluating paladins at a glance… Even in its now-broken state it’s obviously still possible to look at particular logs and see when/where a paladin is going over 5 holy power, but that summary at the bottom has been handy.

Also, I wonder what caused it to finally break. It worked a few months ago… hard to say exactly when I started noticing it, but it was at least still working after HFC dropped (so… sometime in the last 9 months? :wink: