Paladin Aura of Sacrifice

Abilities like Shaman Spirit Link and Paladin Light of the Martyr log the damage caused by these abilites as negative healing. Why am I not seeing the damage a Paladin causes with Aura of Sacrifice this way? It makes it look like it is doing a lot of healing when the mechanic is very much like Spirit Link. It’s not healing but redistributing damage. It is situationally useful, but currently looks like a high HPS option.

Do you have a link to an example log that is using it?

Removing reference to public log.

Reading the tooltip text for this ability, it seems completely different? It sounds like the healing and damage components of the ability are unrelated. This is damage redirection, so it’s the same incoming damage from enemies… 10% of it is just on the paladin instead.

Looking at the damage taken from the aura it seems very close to equal to the healing created. Am I wrong? Strangely it seems to exceed it even. Not sure why that would be.

Looking at the tooltip more it for sure is different than just a redistribution of damage. The damage taken by the Paladin does not equal the healing done by the Paladin. However, it still does lead to a pretty strange effect of making a Paladin look like they are contributing a lot of healing while generating a lot of additional damage taken.

I assume if someone would have been hit for 1000 damage, then the paladin takes 100 of that damage, and the player with the Aura on them only takes 900. It’s still 1000 damage incoming from the enemy. 10% of it just shifted to the paladin. Seems unrelated to the healing that’s done.

Ah, that’s a very good point. Thank you, my question is answered.