Warrior Support Log Priority

Filter support warrior logs to only be valid if menacing strike is highest damage (in 99.9% of cases, it will be), and also possibly include being in the top ~5 of damage taken (the latter applied to all tanks) as a form of validation.

One type of cheese has powerlink warriors just using menacing strike to build resource, but use an assault ability for the majority of their damage (while also being in a dps-utility role):


While some don’t see tank damage as important, I’d like to see what tanks can bring to the table at this point, because damage can be pretty negligible, utility can already be brought easily, so increased damage is the next thing for tanks to try and improve upon to contribute more to any raid.

totally agree

i would probably go another route

as soon as you have rampage dmg in your split you are a DPS
there will not be a warrior DPS build without rampage, there just isnt

same could be done for stalker/engi logs
as soon as theres Bolt Caster or Electrocute, Impale or Neutralize you are automaticly flagged as a DPS

doing it this way would be easier than going by x%es of the DMG are support abilitys

Any insight you could give on this issue? It’s not a super big deal, it would just be nice to get rid of some of the cheese.

Is a filter for making sure the ability “Menacing Strike” is the highest damaging ability? That’s all that would need to be applied, it’s the class’s bread and butter tanking ability.

For each class it would filtered by highest damaging ability being:

Engineer - Particle Ejector
Stalker - Frenzy
Warrior - Menacing Strikes

The damage taken filter might be something a bit much, but the above would be a step in a good direction. There will never be a point in time where the above isn’t the case for each class in their support/tank role.

I think the All Stars being separated by tanks, healers, and dps was a nice addition (unless it’s been a thing, I just noticed it tonight). Thanks for adding that.

New raid tier is coming in a couple months, could this change be made, or some form of change to remove incorrect builds that just use menacing strike instead of relentless strike (which get listed as tank parses on the website)?

Hey Lawlta, I am talking to Alahster and Serres so these logs can be removed. If there are still any left, perhaps Ghost or someone else logged at the time I will talk to them to also get it removed.