Classic Razorgore - Tank Mis-Logs as Fury

Classic - If I mind control Razorgore as a tank, and then proceed to break the final egg (as you should do as main or first tank), then proceed to get conflagrated and get threat back after, and then continue tanking until boss death, then I am not logged as a tank in the logs. Have been logged as Fury Warrior last several weeks.

Link to my logs

Please let me know what can be done to adjust this or if you need other info.

TLDR: If you MC razorgore, you dont get logged as a tank?

The rule is be in Defensive Stance for 35% or more of the fight. If you don’t stance change at all and never use a Defensive Stance-locked ability (Taunt, Disarm, Revenge, etc.), then I won’t be able to tell you’re in it.

Btw I am Crusher in these logs.

So here is our kill last night. After looking at it, the two tanks the were registered casted taunt once (Bailout) and twice (Charlie). I (Crusher) never used a taunt, or defensive locked ability on razorgore, because he is immune to taunt like all the dragons, and its most optimal for me to stay fury and smack him down.

Is there any other metric you could consider for this fight specifically to more accurately record tank? Even using a stoneshield potion could be enough maybe, which I did. Or damage taken threshold? Just suggestions, because it seems weird to have to perform less than optimally just to convince logs register as tank.

Thanks for the quick follow-up!

Edit: I also had the most damage taken on the fight by a large margin. Let me know what you can do, would love to have Razorgore record properly for me :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to use damage taken metrics, since that was how things used to work and that ended up classifying DPS as tanks all the time.

Yeah I understand that would be a complicated one, but under current conditions couldn’t any of my fury dps warriors just cast a taunt on the immune boss and potentially register a near-100 tank parse for Razorgore?

Edit: clarified question that Fury dps could register tank if they wanted to, by only taunting?

No, it is using stance uptime. Taunt just establishes that you’re in Defensive Stance, and then it looks at uptime of Defensive Stance.

Okay 10-4, thanks for all the clarification on this. I’ll play with sitting def stance for like 15 seconds each time on razor, but this is essentially just to convince logs as the fight doesnt really require any defensive skills or the mitigation from defensive stance. I appreciate all yalls work in fine tuning classic logs, I know its been finicky, especially for tank logs, but it seems to be in a very good place now!