Warcraft Logs wiping Guild uploaded with

Having an issue where the Guild is being removed/not set when a log is uploaded. So then when you search the Server say for damage done, i’ll appear in the search, but when I narrow it down to ‘Alliance’ my character is removed from the listings. If you goto the guilds reports, the logs are there still; so I have no idea why this is happening or how to re-create. I 100% uploaded under the guild and not personal.

Have had the same issue for a while now, GOTEM-Noggenfogger EU

I had this happening for a while. When other people were also logging and uploading the same fights, it didn’t always pick the guild version. The fix was having those people temporarily change those logs from public to private and then re-exporting the guild logs(button at the bottom of the rankings page of that log). Live logging seems to prevent this from happening.