Warcraft logs now showing map

So the when i go to the video its not showing the map it shows the characters and npcs but not the map anyone know exactly why??

here is the video


I have been unable to get Blizzard to give me the map information for dungeons. They gave me the IDs for raids, but without knowledge of the map IDs, I can’t add support.

I can try bugging them again about it.

i know that the first one i did just showed the map but not this one is it only a few raids yall have or is it all

I got a couple of dungeon maps in before they removed the ability to see positions in-game. With that gone, maps only work if I can get to the data through a LUA API, GetDungeonMapInfo. I don’t know what the IDs are for the various dungeon maps, so have been unable to get the info.

Is it still impossible to implement?

Maybe these? Not sure, but I found something. I think.

Atal: 1763
Kings: 1762
Underrot: 1841
Temple: 1877
Shrine: 1864
Freehold: 1754
Siege: 1822
Motherlode: 1594
Tol’Dagor: 1771