Beta Testers - Dungeon Map IDs Needed

I need the map IDs from all of the dungeons in order to implement combat replay map support for them. If you have access to beta, on ANY DIFFICULTY, I need you to do the following:

(1) Install DBM
(2) Go into the dungeon and for each map in the dungeon, run the command:

/dbm whereami

This will tell you what the map ID is. For each map in the dungeon (the ones you get when you hit M), let me know the map name and the contents of your /dbm whereami command that you ran WHILE ON THAT MAP.


Atal’Dazar : Atal’Dazar 934, Sacrificial Pits 935
Freehold : Freehold 936 (zone ID 1754)
Kings’ Rest : Kings’ Rest 1004
Shrine of the Storm : Shrine of the Storm 1039, Storm’s End 1040
Siege of Boralus : Siege of Boralus 1162
Temple of Sethraliss : Temple of Sethraliss 1038, Atrium of Sethraliss 1043
The Underrot : The Underrot 1041, Ruin’s Descent 1042
Tol Dagor : Tol Dagor 974, The Drain 975, The Brig 976, Detention Block 977, Officer Quarters 978, Overseer’s Redoubt 979, Overseer’s Summit 980
Waycrest Manor : The Grand Foyer 1015, Upstairs 1016, The Cellar 1017, Catacombs 1018, The Rupture 1029