Feature Request: Make Logs Opt in instead of Opt out

Hey! Not sure if this was already posted but I couldn’t find anything.

Name’s Xeyron, and I have a feature request to address a huge issue we all probably at least once heard, thought of or witnessed after diving into the rabbit hole that is logs. Being valued by your parses.

Some players are better than others. There’s always someone that has the dreaded 1% parse on clear.
People could start harrassing you for it. Maybe out of the blue, maybe because you get in a fight with a person, or maybe you were negatively noticed in content.

What is not okay is that people can be and are unknowingly parsed and have them uploaded, their name and their performance for all to see, even if they themselves never heard of FF Logs or the concept of parsing. To opt out they must register on this site and hide from all parses or add a lodestone tag. That’s an option, yes. But they will usually only learn of this AFTER having been declined or worse for past - perhaps substantially worse - performance. That’s really not how it should be.

I ask of FF Logs to be purely opt in. As soon as you’re registered, welcome to the Thunderdome. Not register and discover I have about 300 Entries on my name, ranging from 5-95% percent or so, just because I cleared savage content with Pugs (even if some claim it is impossible.)

A suggestion on how to do that - bearing in mind I do not know how your algorithms are written - would be checking the names of registered Users against the Users of a parse. Doesn’t show up in registered users? Anonymous. Simple as that. That would of course increase server load and we all know that is not free, but I feel people are willing to donate for that - at least I would.

tl;dr : Make FF Logs opt in, not opt out.

I look forward to hearing from you all! :slight_smile:

PS.: Excuse spelling or grammar issues - my point should come across regardless.

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If you’re not someone who logs or looks up logs, how would you even know you’ve been captured without consent or knowledge? That’s shady as hell. If anything, this is the kind of thing that could push SE to demand removal of public posting of the logs, if enough people complain. The characters and assets are their property, and a C&D could force it through.

This is asking for legal trouble for the site. Better they get ahead of it before more folk realise and complain.

They - as in the people that don’t log or care - usually learn it by being told their parses suck through people that look them up. I’ve had a case where that happened to someone in “normal content”, being Eureka.

You do not have to register on the site. You can do it all from your Lodestone (and then just clicking Update on your character in FFLogs, which does not require an account).

Even then a person has to know about the concept to prevent a ToS violating harassment through hiding logs.

I believe making it opt in could potentially improve the stance on parses as well. After all, FFXIV doesn’t offer any sort of analytical tools.

Edit: If opting out is so easy, I don’t see why it should be such a great issue for opting in, since it would be even easier.

But Eureka doesn’t even have a leaderboard or anything which means you can’t even get a percentile on your damage.