Unfair dealing with mages' 6 T3

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In wow classic, the description of 6T3 of the mage is quote as" Your damage spells have a chance to cause your target to take up to 200 increased damage from subsequent spells".

However, it is a buff on the target and can be consumed by other casters and very unlikely to benefit the mage who gear 6T3 himself/herself. It is a very unfair situation and is it possible for WCL to attribute that dmg to the mage who actually gear 6T3 and cause the buff, as we do for Ignite.

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That would be the same as attirbuting extra damage to a warlock that had improved SB proc, a druid that used faerie fire, a priest that keeps up shadow weaving and so on.
It’d certainly be a very nice overview of the “true” benefit each raider provided (moving all those warriors down on the list), but definitely not something you’ll ever see on WCL.

Ignite distribution isn’t really all that fair either. Not sure why you said “as we do for ignite”, ignite damage is distributed evenly across all mages, regardless of who applied it or helped keep it up. Even those that died at the start of the fight or haven’t even attacked the boss (only adds) will still get the full ignite damage from the whole fight.

While i see the argument of “then we have to do it for all these other buffs” most if not all of them lowers targets armor/ resistance or is a % based buff. That makes it a lot harder to calculate the actual value. Here it’s just a flat 200 damage. Quite easy to just add the procs to the damage. I do 100% agree with you that ignite is calculated very poorly though.

edit: I see it says up to 200 damage. guess that makes it alot harder to calculate as it can differ on each proc.

“Up to 200 damage” is the same as giving 200 spellpower, e.g. applying amplify magic etc.
I haven’t checked any logs and have absolutely no idea about the details, but I believe it wouldn’t just add a flat 200xSpellCoefficient to the final damage that one was supposed to do, but instead be multiplied by all the other modifiers which would make it quite hard or impossible to calculate correctly if it’s multiplied by the talents (which aren’t known in the logs).

“or haven’t even attacked the boss (only adds) will still get”
This part in my previous message is not true anymore as Kihra took my suggestion and implemented a per-target ignite distribution.

I can’t be sure but if it says 200 damage and not 200 spell power i think it just adds the damage without any modifications.

Yes I saw the post about ignite, a nice change. Wish they would not award dead mages ignite though after the time they die.

Dealing with death is really difficult. The mage might actually have contributed to the ignite before dying. I am open to suggestions, but in general it’s a tough problem to deal with, since trying to assign “proportions” of ignite based off number of crits, or damage of crits was all extremely game-able, and that’s why the mage community voted for even distribution over those other options in the first place.

Highly recommend reading the ignite-distribution-discussion on Discord to learn more about how even distribution was arrived at.

Yes he could have contributed to the Ignite before he died, but after he is dead he is no longer helping that Ignite stay up. So he should 100% get ignite damage from when he was alive, but all Ignite damage done after his death should be split between the surviving mages. just my opinion ofc.

but feel like this thread got a bit off topic :roll_eyes:

but if it says 200 damage and not 200 spell power

And so does every item in the game, and uses the same “up to” wording, indicating that it’s the usual spellpower-like bonus. I don’t think any item or any stats in classic even mention the words “spell power”, it’s always “damage taken from / done by spells”.
If you look at the buff/debuff description on wowhead, it’s the same effect on them:
T3 set - Elemental Vulnerability - Spell - World of Warcraft
Amplify magic - Amplify Magic - Spell - World of Warcraft
Gear - Increase Spell Dam 29 - Spell - World of Warcraft
It’s all just " Apply Aura: Mod Damage Taken/Done (All) ; Value: xxx".

The mage might actually have contributed to the ignite before dying.

That they may have, but they certainly did not contribute to any ignite that got applied after their death. So could probably separate the ignite debuffs and award the damage from each independently, based on whoever was alive at the start of it (and had crits on that target during that ignite and had been detected as fire in the combat overall, of course)?
I generally agree with an even distribution of the ignite damage, except for some specific conditions, such as deaths and targets attacked, that affect what part of the damage to actually distribute, not how.
Not sure if that ever came up on disc, last messages seem to be only arguing over and over with the same arguments repeated about the 3 completely different approaches and not specific details of each and possible adjustments.

Sorry for highjacking the topic in a way.