Just Log - Augmentation makes no sense

I’d really just like Warcraft Logs to JUST LOG. Let it be up to the player base to be smart enough when it comes to deleting add or mechanic damage etc.

Further, you are absolutely NOT calculating the buff’s correctly for Augmentation. Specifically, you are not taking into account diminishing returns. The effect is you are reducing some classes overall dps by way more than should be (as a WW monk I pull 10k more dps without an Aug in the group… impossible).

On top of that, because you are “playing god” with logs and choosing what is and isn’t accounted for - why doesn’t all other “raid wide” buff’s get applied to the people providing those buffs. For example, a WW monk provides 5% more direct damage. Easily calculated and applied to the WW dps profile. I mean, you made your bed when it comes to removing other’s dps for the aug buffs, now lie in that bed and apply that same logic to all other raid wide buffs!

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The augmentation support events are in the log. We’re just using Blizzard’s numbers.

No - this issue is that you are deciding to SUBTRACT damage numbers (ie deciding what does and doesn’t count). Blizzard has screwed up the math. To test this out, all you have to do is do a boss 10 times with an Aug buffing you, then do that same boss 10 times without an Aug buffing you (or create a cancelaura macro like I have done). You will see very quickly that without the buffs, YOUR LOGS will have you doing on average 10k more dps than with the buffs… This should be impossible. An Aug buff should be literally ON TOP of your damage - but something is wrong and it’s not just on top of your damage but taking addition damage away from you (all because you want to subtract dps). This subtraction is NOT NECESSARY to begin with. The Aug is NOT PRESSING buttons or doing rotations perfectly (or imperfectly). Our dps with the Aug buff should be OURS - this will especially be true for those that take better advantage of it than others. Fine if you want to provide a way to show how much they contributed but to subtract is just stupid.

Either way - warcraft logs should be just that logs. Leave it up to the player base to decide what is padding what isn’t etc.