Ignite distribution on bosses with adds (Gluth in particular)

Curretly all ignite damage is evenly distributed across all mages that have been detected as fire*, regardless of their uptime in the combat or even the targets they attacked. I’ll ignore the (un)fairness of including a dead mage for ignites they couldn’t have helped with, but this heavily affects bosses with adds and especially Gluth parses.
·*based on my observations only as there is no public info for that

See this logs for example — Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
4 mages at the bottom did zero damage to Gluth, yet three of them were given a chunk of ignite damage from the boss, effectively stealing it from the one that was actually attacking the boss. This isn’t right, I think the ignite damage from a specific target should be split between the mages that attacked that target (and were detected as fire in that combat). That would be more representative of their effort in general and not attribute the damage they had absolutely no part in to unrelated people. Otherwise mages in guilds that employ a mage kiting strategy won’t even have a chance at a good parse.

Also, you can see that one mage (Njetklas) hasn’t been given any ignite damage despite being fire and having Master of Elements procced, which based on this topic — Bug Classic WOW: My Mage is Misclassified as Frost - #5 by Snowtroll (with no updates still) is the only way a fire/frost distinction is made. How come he didn’t any of the ignite damage? He did get detected as fire, so this slightly contradicts what I said at the start, but why is that? The only difference is not using any fire spells. But why should the school matter if none of them attacked the boss? This means there is some more complicated per-target logic existing, not simply an overall “if mage is fire: damage += total_ignite/number_mages”, which should probably be extended to spit ignite per target or at least type of target (to not bother separating mobs in aoe packs).

Yeah agree with the per target rule. I’ll file a bug about that.

You have to crit with fire spells to get a share of Ignite (since that’s the only way to build or refresh Ignites), so that’s why Njetklas didn’t get any Ignite damage.

I am deploying a change now that makes ignite per target as you recommended.