Unable to update/reinstall Warcraft Logs Uploader

Hello, its been few days that started with being unable to update app, tried to reinstall and it idn’t go well either. Installation always ends up like this image

Tried clean installation of Adobe Air aswell, didn’t help.

So I am back with the same error again, last time it worked, now I am stuck even when creating the task with admin privileges. Tried update app first/then uninstalled but can’t get it back now. Reinstalled adobe air. Any idea?

I’ve the same problem. It’s the first time I want to install the warcraftlog client on windows 10. Everything is updated and running smoothly. I tried to disable my antivurs software but that didn’t do it. I tried the taskmanager solution, the cmd admin account solution and everything else I’ve found but nothing is working so far.

Im having the same problem, no clue why the uploader isnt installing