Advanced Log Error - Was advanced Logging

Anyone having the problem with getting the advanced logging not enabled when it was? This is the 2nd raid in a row this is happening with. Deleted cache, relogged,Not sure why this is happening. Any help ideas appreciated.

Error: Line 1 - This log was created without Advanced Combat Logging enabled, and is not supported on Warcraft Logs. You can enable Advanced Combat Logging from the Network pane of System preferences in-game. Delete your log file before enabling Advanced Logging, or this uploader will continue to refuse the file.

Delete or archive your combat log file so that it’s starting fresh.

Thanks @kihira - yes, I definitely did that the 1st time I got this error - made the correction before next raid night, made sure advanced was set - still getting the error. Its saying that advanced logging wasn’t enabled but it most definitely was both times

any other suggestions would be so appreciated before I just uninstall wow and reinstall. that’s the last thing I want to do

I’m having the exact same issue. Have you found an answer yet? It’s really starting to drive me nuts.

If you’re seeing this error still, either you’re trying to re-upload old content (and haven’t deleted your log file to get rid of that old content), or you genuinely don’t have advanced combat logging enabled.

Yah, I’m still getting it, my ild logs are definitely gone and my advanced combat logging is definitely enabled. Guess it will remain a mystery. I’m obviously not in charge of raid logs anymore. It is what it is.