Top Stats Percentage or Specific Stats on Spec Ranking Page

Hi all,
i like a lot warcraft Logs, and i find more useful to help my guildmates the Ranking for Spec Page, where i can find Top Talent per Boss (Simple Example:

I suggest to add, in same way ( click to expand or something else) to see not only the Item equiped by top ranking players, but even the Stats of them, and if you can a generic stats Ranking by Item Level bracket.
This can help people, like some of my guildmate, with a not good understanding of Simulcraft to easy improve.
I also know that you are cooperating with the site of AMR( i hear that somewhere). It will be usefull a link to AMR with something like "I Want you do Best in Bag to bring me close to this stats)

thanks All

Yeah, I really wanted to show stats, i.e., Crit/Mastery/Vers, etc. The problem is people pop on-use effects before the pull that inflate those stats, so the snapshot I get at the start of the fight (in Blizzard’s COMBATANT_INFO event) can be wrong.