[New Idea] View Top gears use by people on each boss

Hello war log community !!

Actually i’m play many characters on my world of warcraft account and to optimize my user i use warcraft log to view gears use on each boss by each players.

But i think about a great update on war log.
I try to explain :
For example i play with a hunt markmanship and i want to know the top 10 best gears use by people for each boss on nighthold.
How access to the information ?
in a page we write our class and spec (hunt markmanshipt)
In select box we select ilvl ( if not define we take all ilvl in database)
In select box we select Boss or dungeon (if not selected we take all report)

we click on search and we have a result like this

For hunt markmanship ilvl 900-905 it’s the top 10 item found :slight_smile:
1 ) item 1 [picture](link with wowhead)
2 ) item 2 [picture](link with wowhead)

1 ) item 1 [picture](link with wowhead)
2 ) item 2 [picture](link with wowhead)

1 ) item 1 [picture](link with wowhead)
2 ) item 2 [picture](link with wowhead)
… etc…
I don’t know if you have web apps to request in your database, but if you have a can create and exemple with your data ^^.
If you don’t have web apps do you think it’s possible to create gears page like my exemple ?

i don’t know if my explanation are clear, but i’m stay here if you wanna more information

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You can see everyone’s gear in rankings already. Click the disclosure triangle next to their names in rankings to see their talents and gear.

yes but you need to check every characters and check gears.

The idea is just to see for exemple the first 100 people the top item use in head or in boot or another gear.
Because i don’t have all item or legendary for top 10 user so if i have an array with the top 10 item use in head or chests or another item it’s more easy to see best item for each boss in most case (and not for a particular report)

an example of what i want :slight_smile: => http://www.worldofwargraphs.com/pve-stats/items/hunter/marksmanship

Ah, I see. That’s pretty neat. Could be done as a “show more” link or something that popped up the chart next to the Top Talents, Top Legendaries row in rankings. I have all that information available in rankings so easy to build it.

Could do it with talents too and not just gear.

Yeah indeed :), it’s exactly what i need :p.

If you can create it, i consider you as my Hero !!

Hey !
I was looking for somethings like that too, i was thinking to do it using a external client ;-).
From my point of view, you could do even more.
For example, you could have the impact of every spell on your DPS/HPS/dmgTaken
You could have the stats weight for every specs on DPS/HPS/dmgTaken.

I’m thinks about that because of machine learning, actually simscraft, amr, datasheet are using a “simulation” of the game. It need to know how it’s works for every spell, bosses, rotation etc… So i wonder, why not using datamining / machine learning to provide some tools : best rotation, best stats, best item. There is no need of having a big data like wowhead. Only need to mesure 1 logs every/hour for one spec, run it inside the machine learning.

The default of this idear is, if the community are doing it wrong. For exemple going for crit when mastery is better. This client will never know it.

I will work on that, but i only know Java, so it could take times.

i discover this tools to know if your rotation is ok or not => http://www.checkmywow.com/reports/ZrXBhF3gdqCHm21y/82483057/22?tab=basic

or here http://www.checkmywow.com/reports/ZrXBhF3gdqCHm21y/82483057/22?tab=casts click on aimed shot and you see when you do it wrong or not.