Toggled visibility before removing import, now all logs are hidden

So I noticed that when I searched my character, it was on the wronger server, turns out that my lodestone information on it was super old, not knowing what I was doing, I toggled the visibility on it before realizing I had to remove all imported characters, removed imported, then re-imported from lodestone so it would be accurate as to what server I’m on. Now whenever I search my name, it’s still says the old server, and logs show up as hidden, and I’m anonymous on the All-Star rankings, etc. Any fix for this, or have I doomed us all with my stupidity?

I can unhide you manually. Just let me know the old character name and old server of the hidden character.

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Same name on both sides, name is The’ Doctor, it had me on Jenova (haven’t been on Jenova for over a year, didn’t start saying Jenova until a couple of days ago) current server is Cactuar. Like, I can pull this up and it shows me on cactuar etc, but if I search my name, shows me on jenova and hidden logs. I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter, you’re the bees knees.

I created a Guild as “static” in fflogs and cant search it with websearch and there some rankings character appear like anonymous and idk why. Pls i need help