Tanks and Healers not included in "By All Classes" All Stars anymore

I saw there was a proposed revision on how All Star rankings are calculated, but have any changes been implemented yet? Thanks in advance!

Yeah they have been removed from the default view, since I was constantly getting complaints about it.

It just didn’t make sense to do a comparison across roles like that.

You can still view tank and healer scores though by selecting All Tanks or All Healers from the dropdown.

This may be a case of silent majority having the opposite opinion, though, heh, so I’ll keep an open mind about it and see how this change goes over.

I don’t understand the purpose of this tbh. I think a lot more people are disappointed thann you realize with this change. “All DPS” category exists for this reason to show only DPS. Now “all categories” is the same as all DPS and missing half the categories. What? If anything, a change should have been made to just see the top score/dps in each job under “all categories.” /shrug

Sidenote: Are the all-star calculation changes being made for fflogs as well?

The complaints that I got were mostly about showing healers in the default view. The issue is that it is pretty easy for a healer to get a high All Star score, and by putting healers and DPS in the same table, the healers end up having an inordinate number of spots at the top, even though they did far less damage than all the DPS.

Is the issue just that you want to be able to see the information, or do you genuinely want healers and tanks mixed in still?

The issue is that a “All DPS” category already existed, and now we can’t see across all categories at all. Having the option to still view it would be nice.

“All category” does have its flaws like you say though, because really any job could take up several spots in the top all-stars there, and it would kind of defeat the purpose/be annoying. This is why I suggest showing 1 top score for each job in the all-stars, and for bosses you could show the top dps for each job. “All Classes” all-stars should be exactly that, all-classes, right? The information below the all-stars ranking on that page, highest damage per boss, was already identical to the “Only DPS” category. This is also why I would suggest showing the highest dps for each job, under each boss, in the “all class” category.

It’s a matter of convenience of being able to find information. Currently, we can already see highest damage under “all-dps”. However, we cannot readily view the highest dps per job all on one page, for each boss. Just food for thought I giuess instead of duplicating a category~

I will make separate top 10 lists in the overview for Tanks, Healers and DPS. That should fix the problem.

Also, yes, the revised All Star score proposal is for FF, WildStar and WoW. The combined score stuff is unique to WoW, though, so FF/WildStar folks can ignore that.

Thanks for the quick responses! Personally, I really like the overview page now!