Another Request: Combined healer DPS All-Star Ranking

It would be fantastic to see this information, not even really for competition as much as for research. So many groups still do 1sch dps and 1whm full-time heal. Allowing people to view different/best methods of healer dps in an easy-to-view ranking system would be so benefitial to the community and a real eye opener for some. I know you must be incredibly busy, but think about it if you have the time! Thx ~


I have thought about this, but I haven’t been able to come up with a good way to combine these two metrics. HPS has always been kind of a meaningless metric, since as people stop messing up the fight, HPS actually goes down. When that happens, the healer’s DPS should obviously go up to compensate, since they’re able to spend less time healing, but it’s complicated trying to aggregate those numbers in any kind of meaningful way.

Hmm, I’m thinking more along the lines of exclusively targeting just DPS of the healers and combining it for a ranking, not really HPS involved in any way. If that clarifies things more.

Now I’m confused. Healers already have DPS All Stars.

I know! What I am suggesting is combining the total Healer DPS (example: sch 500dps + whm 400dps = 900dps ranking) for an instance. Would such a thing be possible? Maybe a requirement of 2 healers in party would have to be implemented for the ranking to work.

  • A seperate All-Star ranking for the combined DPS of both healers
    edit: Actually I guess it wouldn’t be All-Star ranking since it’s more than 1 person, it would have to be ranked by group (similar to a speedrun ranking)

Ah, ok, I understand what you are asking for now.

I’d be very in favor of this, at the moment the best way to top healer DPS rankings are to basically have the other healer mostly solo-heal whereas groups with both healers contributing a substantial amount have their rankings suffer (that’s not to say all top rankings have this issue, some have amazing combined healer dps). I understand that ranking healer DPS is non-trivial because it’s never going to be a level playing field (total tank dps factors in to some extent / usage of tank stance / etc) but at least to me and many others, it’s a lot more meaningful what you and your co-healer put together can pump out than what either can on their own. This goes back to the old A2S days when the top SCH had a 3 healer comp which was basically untouchable in a real comp – this also sort of ties into my desire to have better default filtering for standard 4/2/2 comps but that’s a separate issue.

I don’t understand what is being asked here. I think having healing DPS as it’s own metric for All Star rankings is perfectly fine. I don’t believe DPS or healing should be combined in any way into one metric.

I also disagree that as time goes on healers should do more DPS. Healers should do as much DPS as they can during progression, after that it’s meaningless.

This has nothing to do with Warcraft Logs by the way. This is an FFLogs request. What they’re asking for is for a “team-based” ranking, i.e., how all the healers did together, in particular on DPS.

In FF, the meta involves healers (and tanks as well) contributing significant DPS while also having to heal, but the way the two healers work together to DPS can be quite fluid. For example, on A6S, your WHM might Holy spam the Blaster Mirages, but then most of the rest of the time, your SCH might be the one DPSing, etc.

A combined healer DPS measurement would show that the healer team worked together correctly, with each one doing DPS at the appropriate times depending on the strength of their respective DPS abilities.

The request makes sense for tanks too.

Ah, rip. Sorry for being in the wrong section.


I Just wanted too asked if you still work on this, pushed it back or just forgot it?
This would be a realy handy addition for healers since Combined DPS will be (theoretical) always be higher than 1 full time healer / 1 dps healer. I don’t think there is a need for an All Star Ranking. (Still a nice addition)
Especially since the next patch will contain the next and last Raid Tier for this Add On.

Thanks for your awesome work!

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I really like this idea.

I like the idea. Been busy with the UI redesign and the imminent Legion launch.

Just gonna bump this if the Legion rush has died down.

Up! I would like to see the actual synergy of healers, imho it would be an awesome metric :slight_smile:

if u dont have a good co dpsing healer rip :grin:

I think this aggregate metric would be amazing. Especially as a tool for educating the general raid community that healer synergy is the most optimal way to increase total raid dps. Two healers putting out 2k+ versus one doing 1.3k and the other 200. I’m kind of sick of hearing the main-healer/off-healer thing.

It’s also very difficult for rankings for jobs like Astro, where in the Mh/Oh scenario, an Astro can fit into both roles depending on what sect so Mh Astros are competing with Oh Astros.

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Yup, i also would like to see it in the near future :slight_smile: