Take 25 Man Instructor Razuvious Out of Rankings?

Any other priest healers a bit miffed that Instructor Razuvious ruins our chance at rounding out a good Naxx 25 parse? Sitting at a 95.2 average, currently, with a blue parse Instructor simply because priests are on Mind Control duty.

Could we get a poll to nullify this?

Could a good solution be normalizing the MCd target damage done and counting it as a different type of log?

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I think that could be a solution for shadow priests; but priest healers are inherently kept from a parse because of it - and most raids only bring the two priests needed for MC.

I wish they would simply remove it like they did with Kalecgos.

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Kalecgos logs were removed because they weren’t accurate. i.e. logs didn’t include people who weren’t in the same realm as you. The logs for Raz are fully intact and there is an easy way to measure the parse of an MCer, which can be done for both shadow and holy/disc, seems like a better solution than removing it all together.

Similarly, DKs required to OT have a similar issue on every boss not just Raz

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