Bad update Razorgore the Untamed?


Last week, and first week P3, we have done Razorgore the Untamed. But today, I saw that the DPS of all my guildmates and mine have been roughly nerfed and it doesn’t make sense when you look at the rest of the raid logs. Razorgore is not only a boss fight but, and it’s also or even more important, a trash wave fight.

Have a good day, and thank you for your great job.

Agreed - Similarly P1 of Nefarian is excluded and the charts hardly reflect contribution to the entire fight. Even if this is not the default display on front page, please at least make an easy option to switch views between the two for easier analysis.

This was polled (twice), and the majority of players wanted P1 removed from rankings, so that’s what I’ve done. I announce this stuff on both Twitter and Discord, so if you want to participate in decisions like that, get in the Discord and/or follow the Warcraft Logs Twitter.

I don’t mind the change, but the thresholds seem way off to me. Multiple players in my guild now have a 100 parse for Razorgore, with many more sitting at 99. We’re talking mostly average players, who generally parse in the 72-82 region in BWL. Something definitely isn’t right with the current calculations.

History has not been rebuilt for the boss yet. Still waiting on the recrawl to finish. Just ignore Razorgore rankings completely right now.

Our Razorgore logs look bugged tonight too and it looks like it’s not counting for a full BWL clear. Did they not accurately capture the fight? If there’s any way to fix it, that would be pretty sweet. We have two sets of logs from tonight: and Thanks !!

Those logs seem to have been started after Grethok, so too late into the encounter.

alright thank you

First of all, thank you for your hard work.
Razorgore fight is ruining all BWL parses for healers atm. Have 2 healers healed ~70k all fight topping meters. But getting a parse of 36 for Razorgore fight since it only counts last phase.

Addition to that, it uses that parse in Avg BWL parse so completely ruins the general idea of parsing. Talking only about healing parses. Can’t comment on DPS parses.

Checked the poll you made. There’s nothing about healers there. Love the healers too please :smiley:

Healing parses are largely irrelevant in my opinion. Other than checking you haven’t got a healer sat there doing absolutely nothing the whole fight. There are too many factors that can positively, or negatively impact healing logs.

Just a few quick examples and there is a lot more, if your raid group doesn’t take much damage, it’s incredibly hard to parse well as there isn’t much to heal, you’re competing with 8+ other healers for the little healing that is required = lower hps. If your raid group takes lots of damage, it’s incredibly easy to parse well as there is more to heal = higher hps. If you’re a raid healer rather than a tank prio healer, it’s far easier to parse well. If you fudge the meters by healing the warlocks when they’re life tapping, it’s far easier to parse well.

Yes, they can give an ‘indication’ of whether someone is doing the right things, and fine if you’re just using them as a bit of fun competition between yourself and your guild mates, but as a world wide comparison, there is just too much that influences healing parses for them to be considered a reliable result. Every raid group/guild is going to be different in terms of how many of your raid group will avoid damage correctly (as they should be), how much damage the tanks are taking (if they’re using cool downs on certain encounters etc)